Studio Willy Rizzo

Madam Willy RIZZO

Dominique Rizzo marries Willy Rizzo in 1979. They had three kids, Willy Jr, Camilla and Gloria.
In 2009, Willy Rizzo and his wife open the Studio Willy Rizzo of Design and Photography, 12 rue de Verneuil in Paris 7th.
After the death of Willy Rizzo in 2013, Dominique Rizzo wanted that his work continues and highlights his work like he would have: by preparing new exhibitions Design & Photographs and taking care of his photographic archives, helped by their 3 children and by the team of the Studio.

Laëtitia Braquenié-Viot

A graduate of the Institut des Etudes Supérieures des Arts, Laëtitia Braquenié-Viot has been part of the Studio since its creation in 2009.
She knew Willy Rizzo well who loved being interviewed by her for her patience and sensitivity. She understood his style and his approach.

Camilla Rizzo

Graduated with a BA in international economics from the University of Assas in Paris and a Masters in international relations at the University of Westminster in London, Camilla Rizzo joined the Studio in 2012.
Daughter of Willy Rizzo, Camilla has always helped her father in photo shoots, in the preparation of exhibitions and has always been closely involved in her father's professional life.

Aliénor Roussel

Aliénor Roussel joined the team two years ago with a Masters in French Literature at the Sorbonne and a Professional Masters in the Art Market at the Institut des Etudes Supérieures des Arts.
She quickly integrated into the Studio team and quickly assimilated the style and artistic approach of Willy Rizzo as well as the operation of the Studio.

Olivier Lamy Lamy

Olivier Lamy, collaborator of Willy Rizzo for 15 years, has the technique of photography, computer science and music technology.

Willy Rizzo Jr

Self-taught, Willy Rizzo Jr and his father were very close. He created the first website in 2005, collaborated on New York design and photography exhibitions Mallett and Paul Smith as well as those in London. He participated in the creation of design lines with his father and worked in the design workshops. In 2008, he prepared the exhibition at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco.
He now works more specifically in architecture but he has remained closely linked to his father's work. He brings new materials and new finishes to his creations.

Gloria Rizzo

A graduate of a law degree at the University of Assas in Paris, she studied drama at the Cours Florent in parallel. Passionate about photography, she participated from a very young age in the enhancement of her father's work. She notably prepared the exhibition at the European House of Photography in Moscow, and digitized a large part of her archives.
Today she works in fashion photography, modeling and advertising.

Contact the Studio

Open since 2009, Studio Willy Rizzo exhibits and sells its Design and Photographs.
On request, we assess your Willy Rizzo furniture.


12 rue de Verneuil, 75007 Paris
Monday to Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.


Telephone: 01 42 86 07 31